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Unsolicited reviews/comments...

Scroll down the page to read the thoughts, comments and reviews from people who have been entertained by Harry during his 'One Man Stand-Up' show, have read one or more of his hilarious books, or have attended one of his many interesting, and enjoyable author event talks or book signings.

Hi Harry, just a quick email to say thanks once again for your visit to the Ben Cleuch Centre on Thursday night 28th November 2013 as part of our Book Week Scotland celebrations. It was a great night and we had a very good crowd. I don't think I have laughed so much in a long time and I could have listened to your stories and anecdotes for a lot longer. We had lots of feedback from the audience and will hopefully be able to invite you back through to Clackmannanshire in the not too distant future. Once again, many thanks for such an enjoyable evening. CAROLINE, 

Harry's latest book...Last night on the Beat. "A hilariously funny and entertaining read, filled with great Glesga stories." CLEM DANE, THE COMEDIANS' COMEDIAN, 30th SEPTEMBER 2012.

Twelve people were in the hotel after your show Harry, like me, they had also been to see you and were raving about your performance .....I don't know who they were, it was David who was talking to them.. You were a huge hit and delighted it was a sell out. As I said before, better than Prozac xxx' MEGAN TODD, BERKELEY BOUTIQUE HOTEL, AYR. REFERS TO THE AYR TOWN HALL GIG, FRIDAY 17th FEBRUARY 2012.

"You are a tonic! I've thoroughly enjoyed your last book, "Aye, That Will Be Right!" which I picked up at Discovery Point when I was up in Dundee recently. I couldn't put it down and now I'm hooked. I'm passing it around some of my friends who are suffering from depression! Who needs anti-depressants when we've got you?" ALEXANDRA WALLACE, ROYAL MILE, EDINBURGH.

"I commend to you a little book that has come my way. At last, a paperback version of 'Even the Lies are True'. It’s written by retired Glasgow Polisman Harry Morris and it’s full of jokes, tales and anecdotes from his 29 years on the Force." BOB SHIELDS. DAILY RECORD.

"He's great encouragement to others and he's ripped his way into print". ALEX DICKSON, 'THE AUTHORS PROGRAM' RADIO CLYDE 15th JANUARY 2007. 

"Enjoyed meeting you very much and I look forward very much, to meeting up and working with you again sometime." HOWARD 'Mr Nice' MARKS. 14th JUNE 2008.

"I'm sending this in anticipation of a damn good laugh, you were always a funny guy. Hope your success continues and I look forward to reading more of your work". KATIE SINCLAIR, FREELANCE WRITER.

"Listening to Harry Morris talk, is a bit like watching Billy Connolly do stand-up, but without the swearing. This is a man born for the role to be an entertainer. He is the epitome of the convivial man in the pub, an author of tall tales and modern folk stories, utilizing his typically Glaswegian language and humour". EXCERPT FROM AN INTERVIEW BY NICOLA JOHNSTON, STRATHCLYDE UNIVERSITY.

"Great one off stories, as told by Harry". DAVE MARSHALL. SAGA FM / SMOOTH RADIO. 

"The old man just loves your books. You've structured them so that someone like him opens the book at any page and can start right away. He just loves them and of course he gets a real kick from the memories inspired". GORDON CASELY, HERALD STRATEGY LTD, FREELANCE WRITER.

"The funny side of policing. Glasgow humour at it's best here with anecdotes that never cease to entertain. A gem of writing." DAVID THOMSON. AMAZON BOOK REVIEW (Rating 5 Stars).

"Harry's funny anecdotes are a real treat. ---- Every page has a wee gem of a tale on it!" STEVIE GALLAGHER. THE SUNDAY POST. 

"Enjoyed the book greatly and amazing to think you did all that before you were thirty! Keep putting pen to paper". STEVEN ANDERSON, VICE CONSUL, BRITISH EMBASSY ABU DHABI.

"A thoroughly enjoyable book of hilarious one off stories." JACK BENNIE. WEST SOUND FM RADIO.

"A fantastic read and the good old Glasgow patter makes it great to dip into for a laugh. Harry gives a light-hearted peek into a serious job." NADIA ANWER. THE EXTRA. 

"I'm quite familiar with 'Harry The Polis' having read one of his books. I think they're funny, well observed and often very sharp". NIALL CLARK, SCRIPT EDITOR / PRODUCER, BBC COMEDY UNIT, GLASGOW.

"Bought your book for a Christmas Present and my other half hasn't stopped laughing since, thank you so much". DENISE McCRONE, METROPOLITAN POLICE. 

"I'll be surprised if you don't have a wee look at them, because they're classics of our time." ALEX DICKSON. PAPERBACK BOOKCASE, RADIO CLYDE. 

"While interviewing him, when he describes his writing, it is always in a genuine deprecatory manner. As if he doesn't believe that he has that great talent, which seems a marked contrast in comparison with his generally easy-going, exuberant nature". EXCERPT FROM AN INTERVIEW BY NICOLA JOHNSTON, STRATHCLYDE UNIVERSITY.

"Hello Harry from Toronto. I've just finished reading Vol 1 and I read Vol 3 earlier, having bought them last month while in Scotland. I enjoyed both books immensely and will look out for the others when I return in late June 2007. Keep up the good work, I'm sure you have many more stories to write about and I'll be looking out for them. All the best". JACK HUNTER, TORONTO, CANADA.

"Thank you for a brilliant book. I bought my husband Ian, Even the lies are true and Even more lies, for his Christmas and he hasn't stopped laughing. At one point he fell off the couch, he laughed so hard. I will be writing to the Daily Record to thank them for passing on your details". LYNNE McKEAG, BRADFORD.

"It must have been a laugh a minute pounding the beat with Harry Morris for his books are a laugh on every page. It's a must read for anyone who likes to walk about with a grin on their face"! BOB SHIELDS, DAILY RECORD.

"Just read a book by you called Even More Lies and thoroughly enjoyed it. Very funny indeed and the story about wee Jock is an absolute classic. It made my journey back home seem shorter than usual. I will make a point of reading your other book"! MARGARET MILLER, OLDHAM.

"Thank you very much for a great laugh. My mother couldn't believe it when I told her I had spoken with the author and had them specially autographed. All the best". SHEILA POWELL, READING, BERKSHIRE.

"Many thanks for all your ready help and generosity with the Harry the Polis books. What you have done will add greatly to the Old Man's love of life. You mention a fourth book of the trilogy? If you're peppering your books with humour like this, then I'm next in the list". GORDON CASELY, HERALD STRATEGY LTD, FREELANCE WRITER.

"I received your set of Harry the Polis books as a gift at Christmas and I must say I am thoroughly enjoying the humour and the Scottishness. They are very funny indeed and I am about to start the third one". MARGARET JACKSON, VANCOUVER, CANADA.

The following are comments received after my appearance at the East Renfrewshire Storytelling Festival, Thursday 22nd February 2007.

- 'Enjoyed the Glaswegian patter from Harry and his funny selection of jokes and stories'.

- 'Very light hearted, entertaining. Great Night! Great Speaker! Great Laughter!'

- 'Enjoyed the whole evening, the talk and the ambience of the event'.

- 'A Quick fire recollection of experiences -- very humorous'.

- 'Great laughter, great storytelling, very entertaining!'

- 'Enjoyed everything about the evening-the storyteller, and the hospitality'.

- 'The Author was excellent and should be a stand-up comedian!'

- It was a great night and you created a fantastic atmosphere, I hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did, and I think you could tell that the evening was very much enjoyed by all who attended. 

FESTIVAL REVIEW 30th OCTOBER 2007: What a hoot!! We all had a brilliant night with Harry. Laugh a minute, (Sorry second). Have had very positive feedback from the public here at Lochee Library where Harry performed (Maybe that's the wrong word to use) This man should be on the telly. In fact was listening to the radio the other day when I could have sworn I heard him telling jokes. Joking apart, what a lovely man and if anyone hasn't booked Harry they should do so as we can thoroughly recommend him. JOAN RODGER, LOCHEE LIBRARY, DUNDEE CITY. 

EAST AYRSHIRE 'IMPRINT BOOK FESTIVAL' REVIEW 9TH NOVEMBER 2007: Just a brief note to thank you for your participation in our first Imprint Book Festival. Your Friday afternoon session was very highly praised in our audience evaluation forms. Participants commented on how much they enjoyed your highly entertaining talk. One member of the audience remarked that, 'Harry's patter was excellent!' Given the enthusiasm for your 'meet the author' sessions, we would be delighted to welcome you back again. GERARD CAIRNS, LIBRARY SERVICE MANAGER.

'So very, very funny, what a good talker Harry was, we cried with laughter'. IAN & MAY MITCHELL.

'It was very humorous and a good entertaining afternoon'. DOROTHY ALEXANDER.

'What a good speaker and a delightful sense of humour'. WINIFRED MURRAY.

'Harry's patter was excellent'. M BROWNLIE.

'I thoroughly enjoyed it. Not easy to 'hold' an adult audience for so long'. MARY JR FAULDS.

'It was the quickest one and a half hours I've ever sat through'. Mr GH JARDINE.

'Great speaker, very funny'. JOHN MILLER.


- VALUATION REVIEW: 'Many thanks for 2 super sessions - you gave us a good laugh on the 7th and the kids had a great time on the 8th' LYNDA BAIN, NETWORK LIBRARIAN, TURRIFF, ABERDEENSHIRE.

- 'I personally have not laughed so much for a long time - you certainly started my New Year with a bang!' LIZ FRASER, SENIOR LIBRARIAN, TURRIFF, ABERDEENSHIRE.


- 'Nice one Harry boy' SANDY ROBERTSON. 

'I took one of your flyers last night and got your email from it so I thought I would just let you know how much I enjoyed listening to you. Like the rest of the audience, I had a great time and couldn't stop laughing you were thoroughly entertaining. Looking forward to reading your books'. ANNE WILSON. 

'My wife and I had a wonderful night listening to you telling your stories, We laughed all the way home. Look out Billy Connolly' IAN and ROSE MITCHELL. 

'They have been streaming into the library asking when your Adventures of Harry the Policeman books are going to be ready!' LIZ FRAZER SNR LIBRARIAN.

From a children's event at Turiff Library, Aberdeenshire, with children from Markethill primary.

To listen to Harry's BBC Radio Scotland's Comedy Cafe interview, Friday, 03.02.2012 in mp3 format (6MB), please click here..
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