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Harry Morris, a brief biog...

Harry was born in the Plantation district of Glasgow during the nineteen fifties where he spent most of his informative years. 

On retiring from Strathclyde Police after completing 30 years police service he was involved with a Scottish/Irish folk band, and performed the duties of manager, administrator, treasurer, agent and organiser. Within one year he raised their profile and quickly transformed them from a relatively unknown local pub band to international status, performing with some of the biggest names in folk music.

He became part of the performing side of the band, playing percussion, organising stage-craft movement, plus choreographed the action on stage. He involved himself in all musical arrangements, introduced humour to the live performances, and arranged regular rehearsals culminating in the recording of two musical CDs, which he produced. One of which reached No 6 in the top ten folk charts in Holland. The band were also voted 'The Most Entertaining Live Band 2000.'         

During 2003/4 Harry parted company with the band to concentrate fully on his own projects, such as writing about all the funny stories he collated over his years in the police service. Initially, he went about self-publishing his own work, marketing, obtaining orders from book shops, creating his own publicity, contacting radio stations and newspapers, making personal appearances at shops to sign his books, invoicing, delivering and packing. Everything required to ensure his work reached the people who mattered most, the buying public.

Very soon extracts from his first book 'Even The Lies Are True'  appeared in the Glasgow Evening Times, The Daily Record, and the Scottish Sun newspapers.

Ten 'Harry the Polis' books are currently available, with the tenth title 'Last Night On The Beat' now available from all good bookshops, and online. His first novel 'Born Tae Be Wide' is due for publication late 2014. He has also written for the stage, co-written fourteen children's books titled, 'The Adventures of Harry the Policeman,' and regularly performs afternoons and evenings at libraries, writers' workshops, roundtables, art centers, town halls, theatres and festivals. 

As he said himself: "It doesn't matter which part of the UK I visit to perform, the Scottish humour travels and is enjoyed by all. Everyone likes to laugh! And as we all know, laughter is the best medicine!" 

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For more info about Harry's books visit the Scottish Book Trust. 

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